1966/67 Gordon and Smith surfboard

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1966/67 Gordon and Smith surfboard

Postby bigbill » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:27 pm

Beautiful reconditioned 10' G&S Quarterspeed or Skip Frye experimental or custom surfboard, not sure which it is, because the shapes of those were so similar at that time. A board from the years the best longboard surfboards were made. This board surfs much better than most of the off the rack surfboards do today. They were such good boards they still make replicas of them, and they are not cheap. Replicas of this board is either the G&S 1966 or the Perfecto. Or there are still a few old custom longboard makers that make these old jewels. They make for fantastic Great lakes surfboards. Rides like a Cadillac and holds a wave forever. Perfect surfboard for our generally choppier conditions. The board has only 3 minor repaired dings and has been reglossed to make it water tight from the minor snackles a board would get over 50 years of use. This board is ready for another 50 years of use and to hang to look at. This is all original and has one of the first flex tipped shaped swept fins made. Still very white. Weighs 27 LBS. $1200 It's also on Craigslist Kalamazoo and Ebay for pictures


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