Beautiful early to mid 60s Dave Sweet 10' for sale

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Beautiful early to mid 60s Dave Sweet 10' for sale

Postby bigbill » Thu May 17, 2018 11:00 pm

Beautiful professionally refurbished 1960s Dave Sweet surfboard. It has been repaired then its old color and gloss coat sanded off. Then it was repigmented and then reglossed just like it was in the 60s except now it’s blue instead of the original white The old pigment kept the board from UV damage and in very good condition. Just the logo was exposed and has browned by the sun and picked up a few slight repaired blemishes. Dave Sweet was the first to develop foam for surfboards , and they were the strongest boards. They were also the surfboards of the Hollywood set. Movie stars and workers loved them, probably because they were very well built and taylored to their needs. He also gave humble personnel attention. Now hard to find , who knows it may have been Clark Gables or Peter Lawfords board at one time. The tail block has been replaced and the fin was in bad shape, so it was replaced by a similar fin, hand shaped and foiled by Chuck Ames himself, the owner of the best surfboard/windsurfer fin making company in the world (True Ames). 60s fins were not foiled, and of course this one is. The board is a classic early to mid 60s shape and is in 9.5 out of 10 condition. That means it's true and near perfect. Great for surfing and show. Weighs 32 lbs. normal weight for a 10' early to mid 60s surfboard. PICK UP ONLY.

As some of you know I'm into vintage 60s surfboards. Although I can't surf anymore I've decided to get into refurbishing good riding 60 surfboards. The people who told me that the 60s POP OUT boards were mostly right. Most were garbage and I sold then to car show people, but a few were decent riders and I sold them as such. But it wasn't until I got a 1966 Hobie did I realize just how fantastic some of the good 60s boards rode. I was really hooked. So much so that I ordered a replica of it from Hobie. the original was too heavy, 31 lbs, and I was too weak to carry it very far and I had to drag it. Instead of maring up a near perfect condition original Hobie I sold it to a local that loves riding it as much as I did and would take care of it. I lasted 2 more years and I was done. So to keep myself conected to surfing I started refurbishing good riding boards. The last one I sold went to a very well known and one of the best Santa Cruz surfers. Last I heard he hadn't ridden it but his brother does quite a bit and loves it. I got the full price that I wanted but I really wanted to sell it to a Great Laker. I would have sold it much cheaper to him or her but no takers. I think that Californians know how good they are and the good ones sell fairly fast. Most Great Lakers have no idea because they have mostly been exposed to the garbage 60s boards, but the good ones work fantastic in GLs conditions. Just my take. Pictures on Ebay and Craigslist.

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